Junior Dutch Easter

Hey! Hoe gaat het? Hi! How’s it going?  If you’re keen to learn your first words of Dutch, this is the camp for you! You won’t find boring Dutch lessons here. Instead, you’ll be playing fun games, singing songs, putting on plays and hearing stories.



  • De chouettes ateliers langue: en petits groupes (en fonction du niveau) autour d’un thème: Dieren, Het weer, Wie ben ik? ...
  • Super language workshops: you work in small groups (grouped appropriately for competence level) based around themes such as Dieren, Het weer, Wie ben ik?
  • It's designed to be fun and you'll barely realise that everything is happening in Dutch.
  • Creative workshops: DIY, video making, etc.
  • A big game or sports.
  • Zingen! Singing! We all get together, and we enjoy singing songs in Dutch.


Never learned Dutch at school yet? 

No problem! You certainly won’t be the only one. At Junior camp, everyone helps each other, and it’s always better to speak up and make a mistake than to stay quiet :-) You can also speak French with the other kids. 

Our coaches only speak Dutch, but as you’ll see, that’s not a problem! There will also be bilingual sessions and you can always ask for an explanation from the camp manager, who speaks French.



We logeren in de abdij van Flône in de provincie Luik. Het dorpje Flône ligt langs de Maas en is een deelgemeente van Amay.
De abdij beschikt over een tennisterrein, een basketbalveld en een sportzaal.

In de slaapzaal slaap je alleen of per 2.

Gelijkaardige kampen


Teens néerlandais Pâques

Taal Nederlands
Datum 05 - 10 apr, 2021
Leeftijdsgroep 13-16 years
Accommodatie Internaat
455 €