Stad en avontuur

Every day is different and just as exciting. Having fun and learning lots without even realising it? Here it is possible!


  • We regularly leave the centre to enjoy active learning in the town. We will be speaking to passers-by, and perhaps we will learn why Ghent residents have a reputation for stubbornness.
  • We will play sport on the school grounds and at Blaarmeersen leisure centre.
  • In the evenings we will be running a casino night and a film night, and the holiday ends with a fantastic party! 
  • If you are over 15, you will also get to have your say about the content of the schedule for this really super visit.
  • If you opt for a stay between 13-23 July, a visit to the Ghent Festival will be on the cards!

A range of different activities (e.g. sport, workshops, activities on day trips) are planned for both the younger children (13-15) and the older group (16-18).

Day trips

We will explore the city and take the opportunity to mingle with the locals. We will be impressing passers-by as we sail along the Château des Comtes and Quai aux Herbes in kayaks. We will be discovering the city's art and culture, seeking out its hidden secrets and take part in a city treasure hunt.

We will go to Blaarmeersen (watersports, raft building or treetop walk, relaxation) and we will go on a trip to the seaside to make the most of the sun, sea and sand. Don't forget your bathing suit and sun cream! We will also do a treasure hunt there.


Nieuwen Bosch is een groen eilandje in het centrum van Gent.

De deelnemers logeren er in alle rust en toch vlakbij het bruisende stadsleven van de Arteveldestad,
die internationaal bekend staat voor haar rijke verleden en culturele bezienswaardigheden.

Het mooie domein beschikt over sportvelden (basketbal, tennis, volleybal) en twee gymzalen.

De deelnemers logeren in individuele kamers.

Gelijkaardige kampen

Avontuur, Multi-activiteit, Stadsontdekking

Stad en avontuur

Taal Nederlands
Datum 13 - 23 jul, 2020
Leeftijdsgroep 13-18 jaar
Accommodatie Internaat
655 €