Corona summer camps

Corona Update (14/06/21)

Summer 2021

Hurray, all summer camps in Belgium can take place, in bubbles of max 100 participants. We will abide by all government regulations. We expect to receive more detailed information about these regulations in the next few weeks. We will keep you updated! Do register for our newsletter and check our Facebook page

What about our camps in the UK and France?

Unfortunately our English language camps this summer cannot take place in the UK. We are following the government guidelines dated 4 June 2021.

However, our language courses in France can take place. Please note: your son or daughter must have the EU digital COVID-certificate (available from 01/07) which is digital proof that a person has either:

  • Been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Received a negative PCR test result (max 72 hours old)
  • Recovered from COVID-19. 

All information about the certificate can be found at This certificate must be presented upon departure or upon arrival in the centre if you drop off your child. Without this certificate your child may not participate.

Our language instructors will also have to present this certificate.

In France, the rules concerning the use of face masks are more strict than in Belgium: please make sure your child has enough face masks (check our Camp Final Guidelines). We will follow up the situation in France closely and will adjust this page if any of the rules change.

How do you ensure the safety of the camps?

Last summer we had 2,000 participants and 750 volunteers. We informed everyone in detail about safety, health, and hygiene. The result: not a single child or volunteer contracted the coronavirus disease at our camps!

We usually have only one bubble per location. Each bubble has its own sanitary facilities.

Our participants do not sleep in large dorms, but rather in bedrooms shared with only a few other people. We air the rooms at all times.


When to stay at home?

If you are ill or show symptoms three days before departure (if you are coughing, have a fever or difficulty breathing,   have a blocked nose, loss of smell and taste…) you cannot join the camp. This goes for everyone: participants, all staff, even logistic staff… 

If you have tested positive for the coronavirus, or live under the same roof with someone who has tested positive, you cannot participate in a camp during the required quarantine or self-isolation period.

If your child belongs to a risk group, it can only join the camp if the general practitioner allows this.

What if my child gets sick at a camp or activity?

A standard procedure is available when a child shows signs of illness. We provide a quarantine room at the location where your child can be separated if there is any suspicion of infection. The volunteers contact a general practitioner near the camp or activity. The GP will advise the group on the next course of action. This means, among other things, that you as a parent or teacher can be asked to pick up your child. Please make sure to take this into account. Children (supervisors, supporters, …) who feel ill are placed in quarantine to be picked up by the parent(s) as soon as possible.

Our supervisors will provide sufficient rest for everyone, because very tired children are more prone to illness.

Am I insured if my child contracts corona at a camp?

Corona is not covered by the insurance of Roeland vzw, but is covered by the personal health insurance of the participant / parent.

Roeland vzw does not provide a (partial) refund if your child must leave the camp prematurely due to illness.

Will there be field trips during the camps?

The regulations regarding corona are subject to change, so it is not yet clear which external activities can or may be organized. Roeland vzw values your child's health above all, and we allow external activities only when these can be organized in a safe manner.

What if my language camp gets cancelled due to changed regulations?

Roeland vzw organizes language camps in Belgium, France, and England. When the government prohibits travel to France and/or England, we try to set up an alternative camp in your own country to provide you with an opportunity to rebook your camp.

If you do not find what you are looking for in our alternative offer, we will refund your registration fee in full.

What if Roeland vzw cancels my camp?

Roeland vzw will refund your registration fee in full when we are forced to cancel your language camp. More information about our cancellation conditions can be found in our general terms.

What if I want to cancel my child's language camp myself?

When you cancel your child's language camp, the standard cancellation conditions apply.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us via or call us on 09 221 60 44.

Please remember that we will contact you as soon as possible if the current measures regarding corona change to the extent that it may affect your booked camp or activity.